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What most people don't realize is that the geyser accounts for 40% to 60% of the total electricity used in an average household in a month. When you think about this exponentially, that's thousands of geysers countrywide running all day and night, putting tremendous strain on the electricity supply grid. This is why Eskom frequently asks consumers to install geyser timers in order to control the geyser's operating times. A geyser timer is a consistent way to ensure that your geyser remains off during peak electricity demand periods

What you should know, is that your geyser is fundamentally a giant kettle. You can imagine that keeping your kitchen kettle running all day would significantly increase your electricity usage. 

Why would you allow your geyser to run all day!

With the rising electricity costs, it makes sound financial sense to cut down on your energy expenditure. 

Your average monthly savings will in effect pay for your new timer within an estimated 3-4 months after which you save that amount each month! 

There are several methods which help you save electricity and money. Reducing the usage of high consumption appliances is the best way to do so. Geysers are the number one consumer of electricity in any household, they are responsible for 80% of your total electricity bill.

Eskom requests that home owners switch off their geysers during peak demand hours, or when not in use. However switching off a geyser at the DB panel manually is not good practice as these circuit breakers are not designed for high use as with a normal light switch. Circuit breakers are intended for periodic use to isolate the circuit when carrying out maintenance or repairs. These circuit breakers will eventually wear out and break, leaving you with cold water and a huge repair bill - moving you back to square one in terms of savings.

By installing a geyser timer in your existing DB panel, you will see immediate savings on your monthly bill of up to 40% and a full return on investment within just a few months. These timers pay for themselves in no time at all. This also relieves you from getting up early to switch the geyser on, giving you one less thing to stress about! 

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